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Clay Pot Clings

clay pot clings

This is a fun little project using Plaster of Paris and your choice of molds to make unique clay pot clings to decorate your plant pots.clay pot clings [1]

Craft Supplies:

Project Instructions:

Prepare your plaster as instructed by the manufacturer. Pour plaster into your molds and while the plaster is still wet, insert a piece of plastic coated wire (some wire will rust if not coated) as deep as possible into the plaster and place the wire from the bottom of the shape to the top. The more wire inserted into the plaster the stronger your hold will be.

ladybug cling

gardenpotcling (10K)

Another option to plaster molds are your children’s sandcastle play sets. They sometimes come with little shapes used for building sand castles and will work perfectly for this project.

To keep air bubbles from forming in your plaster, give your molds a few taps, once the plaster has been poured. This will settle the plaster completely. Once your shapes are dry, remove them from the molds and paint with your favourite colours. If you use Patio Paints, you won’t need to add any sealer to the finish, but if you use regular paints, be sure to finish with a final coat of varnish to protect your paint finish.

To hang these, simply bend your wire to fit your pot or where ever it is you would like to attach them. Be careful not to break the plaster when bending your wire. Hold one thumb over the wire where it meets the plaster and bend the wire. This will prevent the plaster from breaking at around the wire insert.

These little hangers are tons of fun and they can be made using all sorts of different shapes. Have fun with them.

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