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Ghostly Halloween Garland

cut out Halloween garland
cut out Halloween garland [1]

Cut Out Halloween Garland

This project is rated both beginner and advanced because this garland can be made using craft foam, or made as cut outs from plywood than can stand alone. Cutting the plywood takes a little skill while cutting craft foam is definitely a beginner project. Mine are made from plywood.
Materials if using plywood [Advanced]:

Materials if using craft foam (best for the beginner) :

How to:
Print the patterns below and transfer to your wood or foam. Cut out using scissors or a saw. If using wood, you will need to sand smooth all of the rough edges once you have cut the pieces.

For wood: Paint pieces in colours as shown in patterns, draw faces, detail, etc., as shown in pattern pieces.

For craft foam: Using permanent markers, draw details as shown in pattern pieces.

These can be set along a ledge or joined together with rope or string as a hanging garland.

They really are a lot of fun to display during Halloween and the kids will love playingghostpatt (2K) with them!catpatt (5K)pumppatt (20K)