three small Christmas card bird houses

Christmas Card Bird Houses

How to make recycled Christmas card bird houses to decorate your Christmas tree. I made this free printable template to recycle some of my smaller used Christmas cards and decorate a Norfolk pine … [Read More...]


tomato cage tree

Tomato Cage Tree

A homemade Christmas tree, easily made from two tomato cages, that you can use either indoors or … (more)

pair of paper towel roll penguins

Paper Towel Roll Penguins

Recycle a paper towel roll and make a cute pair of penguins for Christmas. by Jane Lake Although both of … (more)

shimmering snowman

Shimmering Styrofoam Snowman

There's a subtle shimmer to this styrofoam snowman that adds to his appeal. You can make this project in a … (more)

painted branches with Christmas lights

Painted Branches

Painted Christmas Branches - Illuminated Outdoor Display by Jane Lake Reuse your summer garden planters … (more)

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turkey craft on a hat

Turkey on a Hat

Whimsical turkey decoration is easy to do with our free paper pattern, lovely to … {more)

turkey fridgie

Turkey Fridgie

This plump little feathered turkey chalkboard craft wants to perch on your … {more)

craft foam turkey

Craft Foam Turkey Pin

This easy craft foam turkey can make either a cute turkey pin or a name tag for … {more)

more Creative Thanksgiving

Crafts for the Kids (and the Young at Heart)

table setting placemat

Table Setting Placemat

Here's a free art project that doubles as a lesson on how to set the … (more)

faux stained glass dragonfly

Faux Stained Glass Dragonfly

Let beautiful colors shine through your window as they filter through this … (more)

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dog cookie jar mix

Jar Gift Ideas

There are two magical things about the gift in a jar ideas that you'll find here. First, most of them are cheap and easy to make. Second, if you've chosen well, the person receiving your gift will … (More)

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