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free (5K)What are Ebooks?
Ebooks are files that you can download to your computer for immediate reading. Usually, they are PDF files, readable by Adobe Reader, which comes as standard software on most computers.
Sometimes Ebooks are text, Word documents, or exe files, which are also easily readable on most home computers.

What are the advantages of Ebooks?
Most Ebooks have a lot of information on a single subject. This means you can browse the titles and download only those that match your field of interest.

Craft ebooks are ideal if you don't have much time to search the net for projects and patterns. They provide quick and easy access to free craft ideas, craft projects, recipes and other craft resources - right on your computer.

AllFreeCrafts Ebook Library

In this section, we are creating a library of free ebooks and inexpensive ebooks for convenient download by readers.

Some may include advertising from other websites. If so, we ensure that the content of the Ebook is legitimate and delivers what is promised.

Any Ebook in our library must be worth both our time to recommend it, and your time to read it. For every Ebook listed, dozens were rejected. Why waste your time with the rejects, when we've already done that for you?

Each Ebook listing has a mini review, or comments about the Ebook's presentation or format. Some of the Ebooks are available as a free download. For others, we bought "Resale Rights" in order to offer them to you at low cost (often only the cost of hosting these files).
We will soon be offering our own Ebooks and booklets, including craft projects, articles and subjects that are too long to fit within the site itself - but which fit the Ebook format perfectly. We hope you enjoy this exciting new resource at!

Free Crafts and Recipes Ebooks

face creamFree Printable Self Care Cards for Busy Moms
free pdf ebook file - 136kb
Start taking more care of yourself by selecting a self care card from this collection of practical, realistic suggestions. Just cut out the cards and store them in a jar. Next time you're feeling stressed, pick a card and do what it says - or keep looking until you find one that works for the moment. An excellent no-cost way to pamper yourself a little and fight stress.

platesm (1K)Free Halloween Fun Ebook
free pdf ebook file - 80kb
Free Halloween crafts, recipes, games and decorating ideas.

home safetyFree Home Safety Ebook:
How to Protect Your Home and Your Family

free exe file - 585kb
Commonsense advice on how to protect your home and your family. This is a great primer for newlyweds or new homeowners, and a wonderful reminder for those who need to update their knowledge of home safety precautions.

bath (2K)64 Bath and Body Recipes
free exe ebook file - 345kb
Assorted stand-alone recipes to make homemade soap, bath salts, lip balm, lotions, facials, bath scrubs, soaks and shampoos. Unfortunately, the melt and pour soap recipes refer to basic instructions that are only available in a purchased ebook.

bellHomemade Wedding Favors
free 35kb pdf file
Small download offers wedding favor ideas using assorted miniatures and fillings.

air freshenerHomemade Air Fresheners
16kb pdf file
Small PDF file with ways to make your home smell sweet and fresh using natural, homemade air fresheners.


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casseroles ebookFree Family Casseroles Ebook
free PDF ebook file - 38.4kb
18 pages of economical dinner casseroles using common ingredients such as corned beef, tuna, macaroni, cheese, chicken, hamburger, round steak, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, tacos, potato chips and tinned soups.

xtree (1K)Free Healthy Christmas Recipes Ebook
free pdf ebook file - 100kb
You CAN eat healthy over Christmas with delicious recipes like butterflied beef eye roast or roast pork with cranberry glaze, garlic potatoes, broccoli in lemon butter sauce, low calorie hot chocolate or eggnog, peanut butter cookies or pineapple lemon upside down cake.

egg recipes ebook111 Free Egg Recipes
free PDF ebook file - 781kb
Is your family bored with the same old scrambled eggs breakfast or western omelet supper? Expand your horizons with over 100 free egg recipes; some will surely become the new family favourites when you're thinking "eggs" for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

pie (1K)Diabetic Recipes Ebook
free pdf ebook - 171kb
Diabetic recipes don't have to be blah, as these tempting dishes for apple pie or cherry pie, brownies, chocolate kahlua cake and pineapple upside down cake attest. You'll also find a wide range of meat dishes, including roast chicken with sage dressing, festive pork, oven swiss steak or one-pot beef dinner.

amish (1K)65 Amish Recipes
free 173kd pdf file
Amish bread starter, breads, cakes, cookies, soups, salads, main dishes, casseroles, pies, cobblers and desserts.

salad (2K)The Ultimate Salad Book
free 508kb pdf file
Not your average bunny food! 373 salad recipes with a diverse range of tastes and textures for healthy family eating.

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