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Washcloth Bunny

two washcloth bunnies
two washcloth bunnies [1]

Pair of Washcloth Bunnies Dressed Up for Easter

Washcloth Bunnies to Hold Easter Eggs (or soothe boo boos)
by Jane Lake

These washcloth Easter bunnies are easy and quick to make, and they will hold a plastic or boiled Easter egg very well.

After Easter, you can use the bunny as a Boo Boo Bunny – just nestle an ice cube inside the circle instead of an Easter egg, and hold against those little bumps and bruises to ease pain and swelling.

Craft Supplies:

boo boo bunny parts [2]

Craft Instructions:

1. Lay the washcloth on a table. Roll one corner, diagonally, into the middle. Roll the opposite corner in the same way, so that both rolls meet in the middle.

Fold the rolled washcloth in half, as shown in the photo at right.

2. Hold the two sides together and fold the two ends backwards, over the top. Fasten a rubber band around the front area to form the head. Fluff out the two ends to make bunny ears. This photo shows a side view of the bunny so far.

3. Glue the white pompom to the back, to make the bunny’s tail.

Glue two small black pompoms in place as eyes. Glue a small pink pompom below the eyes as the nose.

Fasten thin ribbon around the bunny’s neck and tie it in a small bow. If desired, glue a small silk flower in the middle of the bow.

4. Your washcloth Easter bunny is finished now. But, wait – where’s the Easter egg?

Slip an Easter egg into the open circle at the back of the bunny, behind the ears. You should find that the bunny will hold the Easter egg in place quite well.

Now all you need to do is set your bunny in a hiding place, ready for the Easter egg hunt.

bunnies in the grass [3]